Tune-Up your Hormones!

How well are you traveling through life? Is your foot jammed down too hard on the accelerator of your life? Finding it hard to steer in the direction you want? Or perhaps you lack sparkplugs to get you going?

Then quite likely you have hormonal imbalance in your endocrine system!

Hormones affect every cell and organ of your body. Hence, when there is hormonal imbalance the mind and body can be affected in a vast variety of ways, from anxiety, depression and insomnia to weight and cardiac issues. The main energy glands in particular, those that interact with the thyroid, adrenal and reproductive hormones, are in such delicate symphony with each other that if one begins to malfunction then it impacts on the others and any aspect of your metabolic system can slide into dysfunction.

Just like an automobile won’t run well without all its parts working in order, neither will your body run well without all its hormonal glands working in balance.

In a way, your thyroid gland is like your accelerator for every metabolic function in your body – its where every cell in your body gets its speed and force to power your brain and other organs. However when your thyroid accelerator is pressed to go too fast (hyperthyroidism), or too slow (hypothyroidism), then an extensive range of health problems begin to surface on your journey. Fatigue, depression, anxiety, skin / hair / eye issues, women’s issues and weight issues ….

Skillful steering through life is the job of your adrenal glands. When well-aligned they allow you to navigate around obstacles or bumps on your path. However when your adrenal steering is mal-aligned you swerve in all directions and ultimately end up in a place full of chronic stress, insomnia, lethargy, cardiac issues, blood pressure and sugar issues….

Regular tune-ups for your thyroid accelerator and adrenal steering wheel are therefore essential, but of course if you don’t have any sparkplugs you won’t be going anywhere! Your reproductive hormones are the sparkplugs that actually set fire to the fuel to really get things going! Yes, there is the sexual activity aspect but you might be surprised to know that the reproductive hormones are also crucial to brain function and focus, as well as to the maintenance of your chassis - your skeleton system. If your sparkplugs aren’t firing then you can expect to experience gynaecological problems, osteoporosis, sleep disturbances, memory lapses and depression….

Just like an automobile, your entire hormonal system needs regular servicing!

The hormones of the endocrine system are governed by the energetic chakra system and kinesiology practitioners are energy mechanics that can work with the chakra system, and therefore the endocrine system, to repair hormonal imbalances.

Chakras are the conduits through which life energy flows nourishing all 70 trillion of your body cells but the stresses of modern life can result in the chakras becoming blocked, congested, over-stimulated or lacking in coordination, thus causing extensive disturbances throughout your endocrine system.

Kinesiologists work to unblock, calm and coordinate the energy flow through the chakras. Bringing your chakras into balance is a way of tuning up and balancing all your endocrine glands and hormones (and thus many emotions too!), so you can continue traveling down your life path with ease, instead of dis-ease!

So if you have any of the ailments mentioned above, or suspect your hormonal system could well do with a tune-up to clear congested chakra energy then please consider consulting a Holistic Kinesiologist for a Hormone Balance. Every cell in your body will thank you for it!

is beneficial for:

Anxiety & Depression
Fatigue & Tiredness
Fears & Phobias
Coordination & Balance
Stress Management
Emotional Trauma
Sleeping Issues
Relationship Issues
Learning Disorders
Learning Enhancement
Digestive Disorders
Nutritional Enhancement
Hormonal Imbalance
All types of Pain
Sport Performance
Goal Development
Personal Development

Tuesday, March 20, 2018