Stress Less to Age Less

Every stress leaves its scar, and we pay for it by becoming a little older.

Scientists have discovered that not only does repeated stress play havoc with our health but it actually physically ages us, all the way down to the DNA in our cells. Our telomeres, the caps on the end tips of all of our chromosomes which protect our DNA, are literally gnawed away by chronic stress. The more chronic stress, the faster the rate of this telomere shortening and the faster the rate at which our cells (we) age!

Stress comes in a variety of forms and perception of what is stressful can vary from person to person. It is most commonly associated with higher management positions, teenagers, aging parent care, job loss, death of loved ones, debt, family fights, traffic, work deadlines, pain, poor sleep and diet. Often many different kinds of stress seem to pile up like bumper-to-bumper cars on a weak bridge!

Of course, not all stress is bad for us but if it is chronic or too often repeated, it can make us sick, or at least lay the groundwork for any number of diseases to take hold. It throws our cardiovascular, immune, neurological, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems dangerously out of whack, affecting the way we eat, how much we weigh, where we carry our fat and our susceptibility to type 2 diabetes, depression, and heart disease.

So to prevent premature aging and disease it is vitally important that we reduce stress.

But how can we do that, when we can’t realistically walk away from the responsibilities and situations that stress us?

Firstly, we can exercise, because exercise, in moderation, counteracts and builds resistance to stress and can actually reverse the aging process.

We can eat healthily, with emphasis on higher intake of the anti-oxidant vitamins A and C by eating orange and green coloured fruits and vegetables. Also, omega 3 fatty acids are said to be especially good for anti-aging because they have been found to be associated with the actual lengthening of our precious telomeres.

We can meditate, because meditation has the effect of reducing cognitive stress and stress arousal, and increasing positive states of mind and hormonal factors that may promote telomere maintenance.

Last but not least, we can change our perception of stress or the mindset with which we approach the world. When we feel that we are in control of a circumstance our stress levels literally drop. Gaining a better sense of control can be hard but fortunately this is where Kinesiology can really assist.

Kinesiology releases stress in the deep emotional brain centres, helping to update your perspective and regain control over your emotions and attitudes. It can effectively defuse your triggers to stress, making you more stress-resistant!

Reducing stress is central to slowing the aging process, all the way down to the DNA in our cells. Fortunately there are things we can do to slow and even rewind the effects of stress.

If you feel in need of help to free yourself from the shackles of a mindset of stress and prevent premature aging then make a Kinesiology appointment. Together we can make you more stress-resistant!

is beneficial for:

Anxiety & Depression
Fatigue & Tiredness
Fears & Phobias
Coordination & Balance
Stress Management
Emotional Trauma
Sleeping Issues
Relationship Issues
Learning Disorders
Learning Enhancement
Digestive Disorders
Nutritional Enhancement
Hormonal Imbalance
All types of Pain
Sport Performance
Goal Development
Personal Development

Tuesday, March 20, 2018