70 Trillion Reasons to De-stress

Stress! No longer is it viewed as just a convenient excuse for the woes in our lives. It is, in fact, now medically recognized as the cause of many of the ills in our modern society. Stress can, and does, have a direct negative effect on any number of the 70 trillion cells that come together to make YOU. And when that stress is prolonged, your body cells can really take a bashing and start to become so damaged that diseases can emerge.

When you stress, your body turns on the same automatic physiological stress response as our cavemen ancestors did when faced with a hungry lion or bear.

Stress hormones charge into battle to ensure that glucose (sugar) and fats come pouring out of your fat cells to stoke whichever muscles you need to get you revved up and ready for a ‘fight’ or ‘flight’. Your cardiovascular system is ramped up because it needs to mobilize all that glucose to the critical muscles as fast as possible. Your digestion is halted – this is no time to be slowly breaking down nutrients! (In fact in extreme cases you are more likely to lighten your load by throwing up or soiling your pants!) Your immunity is postponed – you can’t spare the energy to kill off marauding bacteria or cancer cells in your body just now. Your body growth/maintenance is stunted – you’ll have to catch up later! Your libido is squashed – this is hardly the time for conoodling! Your eyes, ears and nose are all on high alert as your brain flips through its memory files to remember ‘how do I get out of a situation like this?’ Your pain sense, on the other hand, is blunted – which is really handy if you need to keep swimming away from a shark that has just taken a chunk out of your butt.

This wonderful stress response can literally save us from the fangs of a lion or a snake. And when you sprint, terrified, there’s a marvelous match between your elevated blood glucose levels and metabolic demand – you put all that excess glucose into good use!

However, how many of us sprint away from lions these days?

Unlike our ancestors, we rarely have to outrun a lion, a bear or a spear-welding cannibal; our stress isn’t usually about being physically chased at all. It’s more about us stressing over jobs, relationships, money, body image and allergies. Our leg and heart muscles become just as pumped as our ancestors’ were to run from lions but instead we sit and….WORRY. We don’t use up that excess glucose flooding our bloodstream. And if our stress response is turned on too frequently, for too long then we set ourselves up for chronic stress - and eventually our body cells will pay the price!

Chronic stress can literally wear out your cardiovascular system, leading to irregularities such as high blood pressure, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Chronically high glucose levels in your blood stream can play havoc with your metabolism, causing fatigue, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity. The longer that your immunity is suppressed by chronic stress the easier it is for infections to take hold and ravage your cells. Not only will your libido be low but chronic stress can also cause infertility, premature ejaculation, premature births and osteoporosis. Prolonged periods of stress in children can lead to stress dwarfism and learning difficulties. During stress your blood is withdrawn from the thinking areas of your brain and shunted to the subconscious survival centers deep within the brain, so when you experience long term stress you’ll feel as though you have perpetual brain fog and, in extreme cases, your brain may even shrink, as is seen with Alzheimer's disease. Chronic stress can often deplete your brain’s ‘happy’ hormones of dopamine and serotonin, leading to anxiety and depression. And these are only some of the ill-health consequences of an over activated stress response!

To enjoy optimal health you need to stop stressing out (except of course when you are actually being chased by a ferocious animal!) You need to be aware of what over-actively triggers the stress response in you and work towards reducing the triggers. The good news is that Kinesiology can help. Through muscle testing I can map out how your stress is affecting your body, ascertain what structural, emotional, biochemical or environmental factors are involved, and then by using vibrational medicine I can help to defuse this stress and its triggers.

Your 70 trillion body cells give you 70 trillion good reasons to de-stress. Luckily, kinesiologists are Stress-Busters!

is beneficial for:

Anxiety & Depression
Fatigue & Tiredness
Fears & Phobias
Coordination & Balance
Stress Management
Emotional Trauma
Sleeping Issues
Relationship Issues
Learning Disorders
Learning Enhancement
Digestive Disorders
Nutritional Enhancement
Hormonal Imbalance
All types of Pain
Sport Performance
Goal Development
Personal Development

Tuesday, March 20, 2018